HESLB How to Apply | HESLB Loan Application Procedure

HESLB How to Apply | HESLB Loan Application Procedure

All loan applicants for academic year 2017/18 are strongly reminded to:

(i)Read, understand and follow application procedures stated in these guidelines for academic year 2017/18;

(ii)Use the same details to be submitted with the admission from the respective University/Higher Learning Instutition;

(iii)Ensure that all documents submitted to support your application are certified by the relevant authorities specified in the guidelines;

(iv)Ensure that all birth/death certificates and other certificates are certified by Registration, Insolvency and Trustee Agency (RITA) or the designated officer(s) to ascertain their validity. However, District Social Welfare Officer (DSWO) will have to enclose parents’ death reports from village or ward authorities;

(v)Ensure that details about parents/ guardians (occupation, employer address, telephone number, postal and physical address ) are complete and correct. Applicants whose parents are leaders listed in Public Leadership Code of Ethics Act 1995 are expected not to apply;

(vi)Applicants whose parents/guardians are business owners, senior managers in established sectors recognized by revenue and registration authorities are expected not to apply;

(vii)Applications must be complete and correct. Once submitted, applicants will not be able to recall/correct their details;

(viii)Successful applicants, upon successful completion/termination of their studies, will be required to repay their loans through salary/regular income deductions of not less that 15% monthly;

(ix)All applicants must strictly observe application deadline.


All loan applications will be done through Online Loan Application and Management System (OLAMS). Applicants are REMINDED to use the same form four index numbers used while applying for admissions.

Upon completion of online application process, applicants shall be required to print out the application forms and Loan Agreements, obtain appropriate authentifications, sign the forms, attach necessary documents and submit the same through EMS to:

The Executive Director,

Higher Education Students’ Loans Board,

Plot No.8, Block 46, Off Sam Nujoma Road, Mwenge,

P.O. Box 76068,


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